Both attracted to shiny objects
More fun to catch while drinking
Neither travel well
There’s others in the sea and/or bar
Three words: catch and release
Both travel in protective groups
Small bladders
The deeper you go, the scarier they get
Their weight largely determines their value
[EDITED: My lawyer has requested that I remove this one from the blog… hint: crabs!]
They get all ornery if you try to grab their tail
Bears will eat either of them
Sometimes I likes ’em wild, sometimes I likes ’em farm-raised
You must document great catches or no one will believe you — video preferred
Easier to reel in if you let them wear themselves out first
Seen the movie Splash? Case closed
Cold blooded. Looking your way, Stacy.
Neither can operate a vehicle
They both eat things
The harder they shake their tail, the farther they’ll go in life
Scales are important to each of them
They never have to buy drinks
Umm… Eggs? Duh
Can hook either with a great line

About Hakarune

Trying live life on my terms now I love to travel and have been to a lot of the US, and want to see the whole world and learn every language I can.... I love humor and sarcasm and use them both all the time, to the point where some people hate me for it, but as they say "Like Father Like Son." My dad is awesome and I love him, I missed not having him around when I was growing up, but now I'm making up for lost time. My dad is like my best friend and is like me, just older and not as hansom. Though I've been called worse than him cause I don't filter what I say (at all) and I'm blunt, honest, and speak exactly what I think as well as am a sarcastic ass to the point of occasionally offending people without meaning to, but that's life. Live it and get over it, and make the best of what time you got, don't sweat the small things. View all posts by Hakarune

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