Code Pink Boot Camp – Fitness Boot Camp for Women

To provide a Boot Camp program where getting and STAYING IN-SHAPE is fun! To offer an effective and enjoyable fitness program unlike anything before that will create exuberant, healthy, and confident women by maximizing a unique boot camp exercise program geared toward each individual. Our focus is to help women target their specific needs

A new thing for women. A boot camp for women to lose weight. It looks great. Every Code Pink Boot Camp hosts a 4-week sessions/one-hour per-day. An enjoyable fitness program unlike anything before that will create exuberant, healthy, and confident women by maximizing a unique boot camp exercise program geared toward each individual.

“This was so much fun! I am happy you are now in Denver!” – Penny James of Denver, CO


Paradise Valley


Aliso Viejo/ Laguna Hills
Huntington Beach
Huntington Beach
Irvine/University Hills
Ladera Ranch
Laguna Beach
Mission Viejo
Newport Beach/Irvine
Newport Beach
Newport Beach
Rancho Santa Margarita
San Clemente/ Dana Point


Highlands Ranch

Oregon: Lake Oswego

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3 responses to “Code Pink Boot Camp – Fitness Boot Camp for Women

  • Ashton Smith

    These boot camps are definitely a blessing for women as they help them to stay in shape. Let me know your views on boot camps.Would be happy to see your valuable comments.

    • Hakarune

      Good Article, but I have to say I am not too fond of things like Boot Camps; my problem with them is I guess ore seeded in the American society than them per se. It’s the lazy American that is already overweight that we usually see trying to get into these to say “the tried” or because they want someone else to be responsible for them and their actions and if they fail, “it wasn’t my fault” attitude arises. These camps don’t do much a person couldn’t do on their own at a 24 Hour Fitness or at the free Gm of their apt complex. The internet these days has Google, Bing, and that can easily supply you with the correct method for almost everyone. Also including the P2P movement from a few years back give you free access to programs like P90X for free (illegally yes, but still free). If a person was to just Google for a routine and follow a real diet then their i no point for these camps. I think they’re a wonderful idea, but I’m not naive and I’m cynical in the American way of life, I know how it is, The few that do go to these camps, give it their all, and follow the routine/diet come away happier and usually in better shape; though it can take months, not a few weeks as the “Average” American believes.

      Sorry to go on my rant, but your article was nice and very put together, rather enjoyed it.

  • fruit mocking party

    Good day! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers? I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on. Any recommendations?

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