Not a Bad Shave ≥ Shaving + Lighter – (∀Razor) ≥ Accident Waiting to Happen

So yeah… This is kind of something I tried. I have been staying at my GF’s Apt rather than my house for a multitude of reasons (#1 being Classes everyday are down a few blocks from here). So I keep forgetting to grab my razor (electric/blade) everything I am at my place.

My GF had commented a few times that I’m growing a South American rain forest if you get my drift and so yesterday I decided that even without a razor I’m gonna try to shave and thought of various ideas that I knew wouldn’t work. (Using my nails as a razor wasn’t an option either). So I decided on fire! I have burnt my arm hairs before and seen things on TLC about new style of cutting hair with fire… So I figured I’d start on my facial hair first. Didn’t come out that bad actually.

Today I noticed there was still a few spots that needed touched up so I did that before the main event. Now I think it looks not half bad, the bad though I seem to have scorched a few “tender” areas and sitting isn’t quite as fun anymore lol.

You have been warned!

About Hakarune

Trying live life on my terms now I love to travel and have been to a lot of the US, and want to see the whole world and learn every language I can.... I love humor and sarcasm and use them both all the time, to the point where some people hate me for it, but as they say "Like Father Like Son." My dad is awesome and I love him, I missed not having him around when I was growing up, but now I'm making up for lost time. My dad is like my best friend and is like me, just older and not as hansom. Though I've been called worse than him cause I don't filter what I say (at all) and I'm blunt, honest, and speak exactly what I think as well as am a sarcastic ass to the point of occasionally offending people without meaning to, but that's life. Live it and get over it, and make the best of what time you got, don't sweat the small things. View all posts by Hakarune

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