When Did I Change

I have been sitting here not thinking anything different of life. Just thinking of ways to get back on my feet. I never thought I'd change f
I have been sitting here not thinking anything different of life. Just thinking of ways to get back on my feet. I never thought I’d change from who/what I was. Today I found an older profile of myself online. It’s been inactive now for years, just happened to see an add on an app in my phone and pressed the add instead of my back button by mistake.

So after my mistake I thought to myself, “you know it’s been some time since you were on, just login and check to see if you got mail.” So I logged in and checked it out, the first page I saw after I logged in was my profile page. I started to read and noticed that I am not this person anymore, not really. The profile belonged to me, but the cool, take no bull shit, free loving & carefree guy wasn’t me. My picture (def a thinner me) but the personality was no longer mine. That profile belonged to a wild, carefree man that loved life and I’m not him anymore, but I want to be.

How did life end up here, how’d I end up that which I despised. How do I go back to the me that I now admire for his awesomeness. That was the me that got in peoples faces, got in fights and took very little shit from anyone. He also had the best friends in the world and a cool car.

A new goal has been added to my life. I want to be the old me, the one that had the world held by the balls and didn’t back down.

I know once things calm down in my life: like no more suspension of my license, no longer backed on child support, got my truck fixed, and no longer being kept alive by Washington State Food Stamps; I’ll be me again, I want to live again….

About Hakarune

Trying live life on my terms now I love to travel and have been to a lot of the US, and want to see the whole world and learn every language I can.... I love humor and sarcasm and use them both all the time, to the point where some people hate me for it, but as they say "Like Father Like Son." My dad is awesome and I love him, I missed not having him around when I was growing up, but now I'm making up for lost time. My dad is like my best friend and is like me, just older and not as hansom. Though I've been called worse than him cause I don't filter what I say (at all) and I'm blunt, honest, and speak exactly what I think as well as am a sarcastic ass to the point of occasionally offending people without meaning to, but that's life. Live it and get over it, and make the best of what time you got, don't sweat the small things. View all posts by Hakarune

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