Google Plus Tutorials and Help

Ok so I’ve decided I’m going to get a centralized area for tutorials and extensions for Google+, it’s needed, but atm all I’ve got is my phone, comps down again, but I just got a new HDD and going to install win 7 and run Linux Mint 11 Boot Disc Parallel.

Ok Back to the point at hand, Google+, below is a list of links to some tutorials as well as some written. I’ll take questions and answer ASAP. This is just temp (I’m making this now for the cool people following me, like Hanna) till my comp is back up and I create a new website or blog just for this.

The Basics:

Shortcuts: (see attached image)

Messaging/Wall in g+:
So I’ve noticed people having trouble with the messaging system on here and thinking the only way to message is by making a private post. I thought since I have the time and boredom I’d let people know how to do it.

Again it’s circle dependant, the way to do it is go to your profile, press edit. Just below your profile picture is a barely visible (I know, should be more visible) rectangle that says “email” or “messaging” (forgive me I’m on my phone writing this at Tbell and can’t double check), click the button. A fly out menu appears next to it or below it. There you get to select who can message you, check the box and select circles, public, certain friend, whatever….

So now people can message you. When you click the send e-mail button another fly out appears to send the message. It does send it from gmail as it should, but it’s all built in so no app hoping to message a friend.

Follow for Mohammed Mansour a lot of the best to come extensions including games with friends during hangouts.

Also another cool extension, turning the +1 into a Super Mario 1-Up icon:

Friends From Facebook:

Well until Mohammed can get his friend export Chrome extension working again we’re forced to use Yahoo! For the retrieval if friends emails and names from FB, nothing else is imported. After import, just export to csv and upload to Google and there you go, you’ve got all your friends (that had emails displayed) as new g+ friends, invite them to join up!

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