The Truths of #OWS


Still wondering what Occupy Wall Street is protesting? The common thread is institutional inequality. Here are some infographics. (Images via.)

some questions about this line in the first infographic: “Of the 93% of people who support the protests, only 12% are unemployed.”

This poll found that 93% of those who view OWS favorably also support the protesters’ right to camp out in parks. So support among a general audience for OWS isn’t 93%; support among OWS supporters for the right to physically occupy public space is 93%.

The graphic, then, seeks to show that very few park-occupiers are unemployed — take that, Newt Gingrich! — and that people who tell protesters to go get a job are either ignoring facts that are politically inconvenient or don’t know what they’re talking about in the first place. Whoever made the graphic could have presented this connection better.

This is a point I’m particularly interested in after reading this nice piece of commentary, which I more or less agree with: “Unfortunately, the movement is coming dangerously close to being about the right to camp anywhere anyone wishes to. And that’s not really a big deal at all.”

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