SOPA Emergency IP list

SOPA Emergency IP list:

So if these ass-fucks in DC deci de to ruin the internet, here’s h ow to access your favorite sites

in the event of a DNS takedown 208.80.152. 201

# News 198.78.201. 252

# Social media 64 216.239.113. 172 12

# Torrent sites 194.71.1 07.15 1

# Social networking 1 0 209.200. 154.225 69.174.24 4.50

# Live Streaming Content 184.173. 141.231 174.140.154 .32

# Television 178.17.165 .74 91.220.176. 248 8 06 1

# Shopping

# File Sharing 205.196.120 .13 174.140.15 4.20 51 95.211.14 9.7 195.191.207 .40 89.238.130. 247 0 9

Here’s a tip for the do-it-yours elf crowd: Go to your computer’s Start menu, and either go to “run” or just search for “cmd.” Open it up, and type in “ping [we bsite address],”

Once you have the IP for a websit e, all you really need to do is enter it like you w ould a normal URL nd hit enter/press g o. Typing in “” should bring you to the front pag e of AO3, for example, just as typing “174 .121.194.34/dashboard” should bring you straight to your Tumblr dashboard. Since we’re obviously bracing for the worst case scenario which would involve you not being able to access the internet regul arly, you should, save this list.

Please reblog the crap out of thi s. Add to it if you feel there is stuff necessary but missing.

P.S. Thank you to the lovely who wrote this up.

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