My Experience with @Ghostek Products and how Bad they Are

I placed two orders with Ghostek, one for the Atomic 2.0 case and the other for the companion holster; it was the worst choice possible. The case came faulty (it was not waterproof as advertised) and the holster was an abomination. The holster was faulty, with protruding screws that destroyed and scratched the shit out of the front of my brand new case, and the quality was worth about a Chinese nickel; I don’t think I’ve seen a more cheaply or poorly constructed and designed piece of animal feces in my life. The holster is so cheaply made, you feel as though you’ll break it putting the phone in, and it holds the phone by the volume and power buttons, making it a further useless paperweight.

I contacted Amazon and Ghostek about the issues via Twitter, Ghostek refused to respond, but Amazon did and asked I call them; Amazon guaranteed a replacement case because Ghostek’s partner holster damaged it so badly and it was faulty. After Amazon, forced Ghostek to communicate with me regarding the holster; once communicating with Ghostek they offered to send a not faulty or cheap holster this time. Upon the arrival of the new holster (was rather speedy), I went to use and it cut deep into the thick layer of plastic on the front of the case (almost penetrating and destroying my S7 screen). Outraged, I contacted Amazon immediately and they refunded the price of the holster.

I waited weeks (over a month and a half) for my replacement case, but it never came; Ghostek never re-upped their stock of cases at Amazon., and all I received was a “delivery TBD” email from Amazon. After that, I have had 3 phone calls with Amazon and they have completely refunded my account for the case and sent me shipping labels to return the case.

During all this Ghostek contacted me, only after I left a 2-star feedback on their seller account and poorly rated their holster. They offered me a free case, to replace my damaged one; in return, I would need to remove the negative seller feedback. I agreed to remove my feedback, I figured that perhaps it was all just a big happy accident and that they might be a good company, but had a hiccup in the service.

I was sadly mistaken, I received the same piece of shit, mother fucking, craptastic and defective holster I didn’t even want anymore, and it still had all the same mother fucking issues as the previous two!

In closing, I now I have received a full refund for Ghostek products, returned the case and have 3 POS faulty holsters on my desk that I don’t  have a use for and I  don’t know where to send them back to, nor am I paying to send the garbage anywhere.

Reviews of Devices that I left on Amazon:

Atomic 2.0 Case

The case has issues and the company is horribly bad at their jobs.

  1.    The was not waterproof as advertised, did their test and it leaked.
  2.    Attempted to get a replacement, but nothing ever got replaced or came regarding the case.
  3.    The cases’ aluminum body decreases cellular service and impacts the reception greatly. 
  4.    There is no hip holster from the company that eloquently or even properly works with the device (it will always be in your pocket.
  5.    The nano-membrane over the fingerprint scanner stopped working after a month, 1 month of use and I was no longer able to use the fingerprint reader on the phone to unlock or make purchases.
  6.    Wireless charging barely works with the case on, you have to position it just right, and only works on 2 wireless devices I tested (tested 10, including the Samsung one).
  7.    The company has little care for those that have issues with the products and try to sneakily keep a good rating by paying off customers to write good reviews, without having them denote it in their review (illegal).
Ghostek Holster

The holster is an abomination of crap and the company is horribly bad at their jobs.
The product came defective (screw’s protruding and scratching screen), asked for a replacement and replacement was also defective and even worse (see pictures). This holster ruined my case! It scratched my brand new case so bad that I had to request a replacement from Amazon; they’re replacing it (never happened, see below).
This is a horrible product, I can’t even use it. I have received a refund for the holster and not buying from the company again.

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