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New MMORPG @RainderZOnline

Everyone, come play a new action MMORPG from Perfect World called RaiderZ. Join me and get free gifts for playing! This is seriously the best MMO I’ve played in a long time!



Server: Fleet Foot

Name: Hakarune

10GB Free Online Storage & Unlimited Bandwidth

So this day and age everyone from developers to students to Joe, want more digital storage space. The problem has always been cost & bandwidth (for those that share your stuff around the web). Most people tend to boxee or Dropbox, but now there is a better service for free unlimited bandwidth hosting and more space than Dropbox. It’s minus.com if you just create a public folder for say each type of file (images, docs, music, etc) and link the folder page it gives unlimited bandwidth for sharing, if you just hyperlink straight to the 1 file then at a certain point it gets throttled, but never turned off or suspended. There is a limit of items per folder but no folder limits. You can also set folders to public to be found in web searches or for people that follow your uploads to see.

And it’s all free. Also use my link and get instantly 1GB extra and everyone you refer with your link gives you more space, up to 50GB -> http://min.us/rucQ78U

They have both desktop & Droid programs & all URLs are short.