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Add Admins to Your Facebook Page–The New Timeline

So as always, the first thing you need to do is log into your Facebook account that you created (or are going to create your page with).

Once logged in, go to your page (or finish creating it). Then go to the top right area and press the “Admin Panel” button.

Add Admin-1

The cover photo will flow down revealing the new quick access administration panel. Now click on the dropdown box “manage” and select “Edit Page.

Add Admin-2

Add Admin-3

So now we’re in the page settings are that you probably have seen a few times while creating your page, if not, don’t worry, just go down and select “Manage Admins

Add Admin-4

If you get a popup warning about leaving the page, don’t worry, just ignore it and press “Leave This Page

Add Admin-5

Now we get to the admins page. In order to add an admin you have to have them as a friend on your list

(as far as I know there is no way around this, except making a different page an admin, but that’s a different area we’re going to ignore).

So type their name in the box and find them in the list that pops up and just click them.

Add Admin-6

Once you pick a person, you can either “add more admins,” or “Save Changes

Add Admin-7

In order to save the new admins you have to put in Your Facebook Password the same one you use to log into Facebook.

Add Admin-8

Now just press “Confirm” and you’re done, you’ve now added new admins and they’ll be notified via a Facebook notification.


Note: Be careful on who you add as admins, an admin can delete even you as admin and add whoever they want.