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New MMORPG @RainderZOnline

Everyone, come play a new action MMORPG from Perfect World called RaiderZ. Join me and get free gifts for playing! This is seriously the best MMO I’ve played in a long time!



Server: Fleet Foot

Name: Hakarune

Music Wednesday? 0.o

So I thought I’d try a little something new. A Music Wednesday. So well here it goes every Wednesday I’ll try to be on the ball with new artists on my site, if I haven’t heard of anyone new or anything music wise I’ll look into apparel, theirs always something new lol.

Andrew Jackson

So first up on my music spin is Andrew Jackson from Toronto, ON Canada. He is a talented man and has good music. He’s a sort of Alternative/Rock, Indie, & Classic rolled into one, I was thrown a bit the first time I heard his music, but love and own his newest album. I have had the pleasure of meeting him and working with him. He is a great man, he’s so kind and generous just trying to live his own dream ya know and even when people screw him over or give him the shaft he’s still trucking along ho[ping things will go the right way. Below is a couple songs from his new album Feral Familiar, if you like what you here see about buying the song.


So I feel like rubbish, I was able to upload the music of the others to my SoundCloud account for you all to hear the music and like it like I have. Sadly I have no music of this one yet as I just heard of her today and there is a limit to sets on SounCloud of 3, so even if I did have her music I wouldn’t be able to make a preview set like the rest. So yeah was working today and was just busy working (unpaid work that I do to keep busy) and I tumbled across the name in the work email and looked it up and was very impressed. I loved the music. It’s definite World or World/Folk music like that of Enya and some great Irish singers. So instead of her music on SoundCloud I bring you her YouTube link, a picture of the lead woman, and a ReverbNation link to listen to her (WordPress doesn’t support MySpace Player or Reverb)

Moksha Sommer
Moksha Sommer

Amirah Ali

This was a surprising one for me. I had never heard of her, nor do I know much about Malaysia, so when I got an assignment for work with her I was like “who??” First thing I did, like always, is listen to the music or figure out who it is I’m doing work on and what they do. So I found her music on YouTube, so be honest at first taste I was not impressed. In fact my girlfriend actually mocked her talent a little. It wasn’t until about the 3rd or 4th time I heard her music that something clicked and I realized it’s not bad at all. I must have been deaf or something, I don’t know. So here now I like her music and listen to it on my playlist for working.

Broken Strings Bluegrass

So, this is not only a family shout out, but a back to my roots of country and bluegrass. So this band of kids/teens are a group of siblings that moved to Alabama and to keep from being bored started playing various instruments a lot more often than they used to; as well as they seem to break a lot of strings. New thing you know their church hears them and likes them and they play. So as for myself I’m an Atheist and so the gospel music not my style, but the songs below were recorded on multiple people’s computers while they were traveling so the sound quality sucks kind of, but still isn’t bad. I know within a year or 2 their voices will only sound better, especially when the youngest hits her teens lol.

Hide Facebook Chat

This is a user script I made to remove the Facebook chat from Chrome or RockMelt (Made for purpose of RockMelt and Digsby mainly)

This is the user script: Download Here