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Anger of Aid and Greed for @WSUPullman && @WSUVancouver Part2

This is one their logos, world class my ass!

This is one their logos, world class my ass!

So I have talked to more financial aid people in the past week than I have ever in my collective time in college. The most fucked up part of it all, is the fact that each person in the office has been blaming the new system, a system which they decided to switch to a few weeks before the new semester started. Tell me, how is this a smart decision and what kind of BABOON! would agree to such a decision!? If this is how the college is being ran, perhaps they need a new president! and some new faces in the boardroom. A bunch of tired old men controlling the functional behavior of a school in the 21st Century that uses computer systems, servers, exchange accounts, and more. It totally reminds me of the United States Government, a bunch of tired old rich bitches that do not understand the technologies of today making decisions that control, regulate, or something, even a child can see that is a problem. A person who doesn’t understand what a “bug report” is should never attempt to ever dictate how technology is used let alone decide to get different systems 3 weeks before classes start. Seriously it is common sense! This is just an unacceptable way to run a school.

In my previous post, I posted about how financial aid is late and telling everyone that it is just a little late, but will be out soon, and now they are calling it a mistake within the system and funds were never going to be distributed till 17th – 20th. Now that they have decided to change their story, guess what? that’s right they still have not done almost anything. Students all over, between Pullman and Vancouver are still waiting for their funds. Students are getting told different things by different people. Some students have been told checks will mail out on Wed, others are being told their DIRECT deposit won’t be in till Friday at the earliest and myself, I was told that I would get my money today, but guess what? it is not here…maybe they meant tomorrow…or the next day.

As it stands Pullman and their financial aid office control everything for all the students at both campuses, and do not really seem to care about the students lives or well beings. Today a student was told by their financial aid counselor that she needs to just use her credit cards instead or borrow from her family, if that were possible do they not realize that we already have thought of that, perhaps we are old enough to know how things work and no longer rely on our parents or family to pay for everything? Right…so let me just fill you in, her as well as many others (myself included) have an estimated family contribution (EFC) score of 0, meaning no one is available to help them out with finances, they are not getting any help. They like myself live off financial aid and some even pick up some part-time work to help pay the rest of their bills. It is hard enough to live off just Aid and a part-time job can help a bit, but it’s still tough going full-time and penny-pinching.

It is their job as our school, they get paid from our private and federal loans (which we have to pay back), yet they can not seem to manage their own systems properly and instead screw every student that is dependant on the aid. Their solution is to borrow from family until your aid come in to survive and get a week behind in class because no one strictly on aid can afford to buy books since there is no aid yet. The money is locked in their systems just sitting there and they are slowly processing each student one by one.

The biggest thing that baffles my mind is other students in my same predicament, we have been processed and they have paid off our tuition, but the rest of the money that we are going into debt over has not been giving to us, instead it is in the system sitting there. How the hell does this happen, they process our funds and pay the school, but they just skip the step of giving us the amount left from our private loans? How does this even happen? Did they decide it was more important to pay themselves before giving their students the money they desperately need!. Seriously, this a big problem!

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