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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 [Review PS3]

Modern Warfare 3 PS3

Modern Warfare 3 PS3

Summary: Now that I’ve played modern warfare 3 I have decided the game is not all it’s cracked up to be, unfortunately the multiplayer is the least liked of the game. All other parts of the game the game itself off the campaign mode in the co-op spec ops area are great. Does a good job on the campaign, spec/ops co-op area, campaign picks up right were modern warfare 2 left off it’s cool it’s fun; that is new characters you play the old characters, overall campaign is good. Also with modern warfare 3 they have a facebook integration capability as well as modern warfare elite system for the ps3, at least currently the ps3 version is having problems connecting or something keeps giving me an error when trying to sign in.


Multiplayer System: The multiplayer has a new system setup but it’s identical to modern warfare 2 pretty much. The gun level up and self leveling up is pretty cool, but they make starting out freaking difficult, everyone that’s level 20+ will pretty much dominate you and that’s a big put off.


Game Modes: They have new modes that are ok, but their hardcore selection is slim pickings, they even left out hardcore capture the flag. So the majority of all multiplayer is Core matches and that sucks.


Maps: The levels are crappy I don’t like them they’re pretty horrible to me in all aspects they don’t even have a good maps for capture the flag mode, or big games. All the maps are medium sized and suck. MW2 had those couple long maps, Black Ops has Array and that other big map. There’s no small maps like summit, nuketown, & firing range.


Graphics: Now on to graphics, the graphics for multiplayer are on par to that of modern warfare 2 not very good or nice, nothing like how clears black ops is, another big let down as well. Though I should mention, they did something special in this version of the games, they made a colorblind option for multiplayer which makes the names yellow and blue instead of red green. In campaign mod the graphics are much better and parts of the campaign allow for environmental interaction (nothing like other games, but enough to make it fun to blow apart columns with a chain gun lol.


Conclusion: I had really high hopes for this game I was hoping multiplayer would be a combo between modern warfare 2 and black ops, best of both world sort of speak. They failed on the multiplayer half of this game. Where they epically failed in multiplayer they do great on Co-op/Spec-Op and Campaign. Overall the deviation of multiplayer and the bad graphics make this game a “you should wait till the price drops” buy.


PC: So my GF just finished Downloading and installing MW3 for the PC and the gaphics are much better on it than on the PS3.

Cinavia DRM Protection on PS3

Just discovered the #PS3 has #Cinavia DRM protection for media playback. PS3 you S.O.B, WTF I want to stream Fast Five from my PC! Damnit!